About Shanti

Shanti Yoga Fest Kosovo will take place from 12th-15th of September 2018.

The rich program of activities ranges from yoga classes, special workshops, lectures and discussion rounds about yoga, meditation, health and peace to live music, art activities and a kids program.

This year’s 4th Edition of Shanti Yoga Fest will take place at the beautiful lake of Batllava. There is lots of space for camping, taking long walks in the surrounding nature and sunbathing. Shanti Fest also offers accommodation, food and drinks.

By sharing their expertise, a variety of dedicated yoga instructors, lecturers and meditation guides will make this festival an empowering experience you don’t want to miss! The classes, workshops and lectures offered incorporate practices for body, mind and spirit. If you want to try yoga, or you are a long-time practitioner, if you want to gain a deeper knowledge and look inwardly or if you just want to have fun with like-minded people from around the world, Shanti Yoga Fest Kosovo is the festival for you! It offers a safe space for everyone to make experience and share yoga!

“Shanti” means peace. The Shanti Yoga Fest Kosovo is a celebration of inner and outer peace! The aim is to create a platform for everyone to practice and experience different styles of yoga and connect with each other in harmony!

Shanti Yoga Fest Kosovo is and has always been a non-profit initiative of an engaged team of professionals, volunteers and yoga teachers, who are driven by their passion to connect, share knowledge and promote harmony!

The multinational organisation team aims to spread yoga and peace by creating the platform to bring yoga communities together and exchange their knowledge and practices.

As a non-profit event Shanti Yoga Fest Kosovo lives from the close cooperation of the local yoga community, international yoga teachers and practitioners, international organizations, local farmers, producers and companies. The wish to create something new, promote peace and spread yoga in Kosovo is what glues us together! The organization team is fully dedicated to enable you to experience yoga’s power to find a balance within and trigger social change in a playful way!

Shanti Yoga Fest Kosovo 2019 is organized and hosted by the NGO Yoga for All in cooperation with Yoga School Kosovo.

The yoga scene in Kosovo is young and continually growing. Since two years Kosovo’s yoga people come together on Shanti Yoga Fest. With the background and the spirit of the last two editions, Shanti Yoga Fest 4th Edition will again provide a platform for all interested people to get to know yoga and gain a deeper insight into yoga within Kosovo and beyond!


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