Good food good mood! Also in our third year of Shanti Yoga Fest we are about to explore Shanti in a culinary way with you! Besides delicious, vegetarian, energizing and healthy food, there will be a lot a wide range of beautiful treats starting from hot or cold beverages, to fruits to be eaten in between and much more.

Shanti wants to create a plattform, where people, who love to create food, will be brought together with people who appreciate, what they consume. In this philosophy Shanti wants to bring local, kosovarian, home-made food to the bellys of our guests from all over the world.

As we don’t supply food this year from restaurants, which sell their food in the festival, we are happy to say, that we will cater our guests and our own by ourself in cooperation with local partners. In this way, we are able to realize our ideas and visions freely. We are working together with local people, who love to cook and create a healthy, conscious and delicious experience.

Since we see importance in what we consume, we want to create a consciousness and awareness of this topic. In our program you will be able to find different events, where nutrition or other fields are tought or spoken about.

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