Shanti’s Fest Code

The Shanti Yoga Festival Code consists a few guidelines of how to be with each other and our environment. By introducing those we ensure a safe space for everyone and the least negative impact on the environment possible.


We practice non-violence. That means we do not harm or hurt any living being intentionally. We dismiss all forms of physical violence as well as bullying and discrimination. All form of discrimination based on, but not limited to, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, nationality, race, ethnic origin, religion, age or disability, or any other condition or requirement are unacceptable! We respect each other’s boundaries, opinions and identities.
Ahimsa also includes animals. Therefore no meat will be served at Shanti Yoga Fest Kosovo.

Loving Kindness:

Loving kindness is a principle practice in many Buddhist traditions. When we establish loving kindness in our hearts we can treat ourselves and others well. This includes respecting our own boundaries as well as a non-harmful interaction with the others. We ask you to open your heart for this practice of loving kindness towards yourself by respecting your own boundaries, take the brakes you need and listen to your body! By doing that you can practice loving kindness towards others as well so we can create a safe space for everyone!

Leave no Trace:

We respect the environment and actively seek to protect it. That means we minimise our negative impact on the environment. We reduce the plastic and recycle all our garbage. We clean after ourselves and try to not leave a trace. Additionally we encourage people not to drive alone, but share rides instead in car-pooling or the shuttle service we offer.


Satya means truthfulness in communication and action. Honesty and true communication are our guidelines. That also means we listen to each other attentively and with an open heart. Therefore we Conduct business and operations with integrity, honesty, due diligence and within the law.


Santosha is the principle of contentment and satisfaction. Creating contentment in every moment opens a door to a happy life. We ask you to come with a positive attitude and have fun!

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